European ProfESus Multiplier Event, Espoo, Finland


Implementing a sustainable mindset – Innovative Teacher Story

Innovative Teacher Training in the fields of household and guest oriented businesses
16th January 2018 from 9.00h to 18.00h and
17th January 2018 from 09.00h to 13.00h

Venue: Laurea University of Applied Sciences auditorium Tuomo
Vanha maantie 9 02650 Espoo
Tel: +3589 8868 7400

Registration fee:
– No registration fee or costs for coffee breaks, lunches and dinner at the multiplier event at 16th and 17th January 2018

Context of the Multiplier event
“Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) aims at providing knowledge, values and skills to enable individuals and social groups to become actors of change towards more sustainable consumption behaviors” (
Improving Education for Sustainable Consumption and Production in the context of professional Home Economics fields is the aim of the ERASMUS+ Project “ProfESus”, which started in October 2016.

The task for teachers, to promote a sustainable mind set, is very challenging. All related dimensions of the teaching process such as sustainable consumption, professional demands in Home Economics businesses as well as the special expertise in education for sustainable consumption including related competences, methods and tools require insights in current findings of different theories, results from former projects and current standards.

We would like to invite all experts and interested persons working in the field of teacher trainings such as related to household and guest orientated business or in home economics education, in vocational training, in education for hospitality management, in consumer education as well as in education for sustainable consumption and production etc.

Aims of the meeting

At the multiplier event the key aim is to define the chances and challenges for implementing a sustainable mind set through vocational education in household and guest orientated businesses. In addition the participants will discuss and determine indicators for a sustainable mindset

Based on current education theories and new approaches for lesson planning the developed lesson planning template of the ProfEsus project will be evaluated. At last the innovative teacher training will be presented and recommendations for improvements will be discussed.


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